A side by side comparison of spot channels as they build a design in Photoshop on a black shirt

This animation demonstrates each individual spot channel in Photoshop beside the design as it being built.  This simulates the way it will print on the press.

Beginning with the white base, you will notice that this is one of the most important plates in building a design to work on black shirts.

The colors are:
Base White
Bright Yellow
10% Black
HL White
White Letters

The design was sol as a 7 color, but we split the Hl White separate from the letters so that it could be controlled on the press without sacrificing opacity.

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  1. Hey Mitch,

    Is that the order you guys printed it in? I'm not clear on why you split the HL white and the text. Isn't all the white based? wouldn't it print fine together on one screen since the text is solid and the High lights are halftones? By controlled on the press do you mean squeege Pressure or a lower mesh count for the text screen?