Sunday, December 18, 2011

6 Color Separation on a Black Shirt

 This was created for a popular restaurant  in Austin.
The design was named after one of their popular
tacos called Dirty Sanchez.

 A based down black is the first color that I pull
out of the design.

 Next,  I pull all of the reds out of the
design, then split the solids from the mixing red.

 Since red is a very overpowering pigment, this
will give more control on the press with the color and screen
mesh count with the two separate screens.

 Next is the yellow to mix in with the different degees
to make  browns, oranges, golds and  other warm colors.

 The base will make or break a design. This will 
 make the contrasts, the depths and thicknesses of
different parts of the design to help establish more
dimension and brightness to the print.  

 The highlight white strengthens the white areas
of the design and at the same time blends and controls
other colors that will overpower in the printing process
by the dot gain.

The first image was the design in Layers.  This
image is only the Channels after separating the 

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