Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Color Photoshop Channel Separation

This was a collage I made for the client's idea for a shirt. The 
following shots are the process of separating the
colors in Photoshop channels that will be made
into individual screens on a T-shirt press.

The first color in the sequence that I pulled was red.

Next was a pink/magenta.

Third color is yellow.

Next was a red shade blue.

Then a medium green.

I added an additional darker green that I would 
normally mix the other with black, but I had a dark green
logo that I needed to add, so I took advantage
of it.

Next is a cyan for the greener and lighter blues.

This is a based back black that is for shading and 
very week to prevent darkening from dot gain.

Then a highlight white or hot white as some call
it. this is to smooth out and mix to  overcome some colors that
will gain on the press.

Last is the more dense black that is only used in the darker areas 
and any type that needs solidity.

Next, the channels are copied and saved as a composite
and brought into Illustrator where vector graphics are
applied. Colors are assigned to those from the Photoshop
colors. Then registration, and a legend with the PMS and print order 
that is suggested, but may be altered on the press.

Then the the final. A print on the shirt. Note that the
green on the logo is a dark green that is not good 
to mix. Otherwise it would have been a 9 color.

Don't judge me on the design!  Not my choice.  :)

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