Friday, December 23, 2011

8 Color Printed in 6 colors

This was a design for Donnie Miller that I originally
sepped in 8 colors,  but he requested it in 6 colors.  I 
usually split the black and red solids because of gain on
the press.  It takes a veteran like Donnie to pull this off
and make it look good.

The first image is the White Base before the Flash.

I split the layered Channels from the single black and
white so you can see how the film positive looks as each 
color is applied. This also simulates how it will develop on
the press.

Next is Yellow.  To simulate process,  this will blend with
red and black to make oranges, creams and browns as you
will see in the following sequences.

This is the Red which is an overpowering color.  As I 
mentioned before,  I normally split the solids from the 
blending sections for less problems on the press.

This is the Blue. Nothing complicated.  I use the Highlight
White to control the lighter areas.

Black is great until you start getting the dot gain on the
press.  This is why I split the solids from the rest. 

This is the Highlight White.  I usually put this between
the two black. In this situation I would have put it before the
black.  I'm just guessing on Donnie's printing sequence.


On the left is the Photoshop art and the right is the actual
print on the shirt.  Nice printing, Donnie!


  1. Hey Vinnie, Thanks! You have a Merry Christmas!

  2. I printed it just the way you have it laid out. It looked great thanks in large part by great seps... Thanks Mitch!

    Donnie Miller
    Miller Graphics