Friday, May 20, 2016


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Hello My Friends,

The Space City Comic Con commissioned Poster was a BIG success and gave me a lot of exposure. I got to meet most of the 20 stars at the show. Some even came to the table wanting to buy the posters!  That was so flattering, especially when a few of them wanted to get a shot of me and them with the poster on their own cell phones. It was a really cool feeling autographing for the stars!

Exclusive poster and T-Shirts

Kenny Johnson

The Legend: Joe Jusko

Jacob Vargas

Kim Coates

Drea de Matteo

Niko Nicotera

Kristen Renton

Legend: Allen Bellman

Kenny Johnson Autograph

Sam J. Jones/ Alex Ross Autograph(Rare)
Traded for a SOA Poster

Hello My Friends,

I am introducing, "Hands-on" class experience in Photoshop color separations for T-shirts. A subject that is not really covered in any curriculum in colleges. Why? Because there is no exact method that applies to any one design or color and make-up of the material being printed. 

T-shirt color separation is an art form with a multitude of different methods in different software programs. All with the same goal. Taking a colorful design and splitting it into individual single colors that all come back together while printing on the press and duplicate the design on a T-shirt.

A few spot colors are fairly easy and simple. The real challenge is an illustrated design or photorealism that have no boundaries and a multitude of colors that are limited on how many colors can be printed on a particular press.

Each design requires its own type of execution. And you, the artist need to be able to improvise with each design to make it look good on the shirt. This requires different methods and techniques. Knowing how to get to to this point is what I teach.

My hands-on class study is 6 to 8 hours in one day, learning to separate real jobs. This is geared towards separating middle to high-end separations in Photoshop channels and some crossover into Illustrator. 

• This is a 1-3 student classes so I can give direct guidance to each individual. 

• Discount rates apply to more than one attendee.

• Located at Canyon Lake, Texas(Playground of Southwest Texas) in my studio on the lake. Located in between San Antonio and Austin. Many hotels can be reserved in the local area.

• You will need to bring your own computer. Laptop is preferred, Mac or PC. You must have Adobe Photoshop installed. Illustrator is not required, but it would be to your advantage to learn additional skills. If you don't have these programs you can download a tryout for free for 30 days

• You will also get a copy of "The Art of T-Shirt Color Separation" PDF for reference in the future.

Contact me, Mitch Different for scheduling a class:

The class is not formal. It is very laid back, fun and friendly like any art department. An easy environment to learn. You will leave with the acquired skills and confidence you need to do separations on your own.

These are animates samples of what you will learn: