Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Pen and Ink in Illustrator

Here is an illustration that I worked up for the Art Department at River City in San Marcos, Texas, which is my new employer since I have moved to Canyon Lake, Texas. They are all about the Art, and they are loaded with a staff of very talented artists. 

I began with a rough pencil sketch in Photoshop on a Wacom. Once I was happy with my final sketch, I dropped the sketch in Illustrator and made a custom calligraphy brush. One brush that I change thickness through pressure sensitivity on the Wacom and changing the stroke from .5 to 3, depending on the part of the design I am inking. This has all of the look of inking on paper, except if you screw up or want to change something you can correct it in the blink of an eye!

Once I was happy with the inking in Illustrator, I decided on the style of coloring I wanted to do, so I chose to bring the inked art in Photoshop and created it in layers.

After deciding the colors would look awesome on black shirts, I had to make a few adjustments to look finished on black.

Normally, this would be a separated in 7 colors for screen printing, but since it will not be a huge, massive order we will print direct to garment on a "Kornit" printer.

I offer freelance design and one-on-one training on art and separations for beginning to intermediate artists who want to learn something that takes years to acquire at a warp speed in 8 hours. If you are interested, contact me: mwdifferent@gmail.com

If you are interested in learning separations yourself without a software program that cost a lot and can't compare to what you can do, then download the book to guide you as you learn to do manual color separations in Photoshop Channels! $29.99 USD

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