Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Download a Quick-Guide Book to the Art of T-Shirt Color Separation in Photoshop Channels

. . . The Gotta have book.   -DOT-TONE-DAN-

Why buy an expensive Separation Program when you can
do it yourself?

To purchase the PDF download, go to this page:

The Art Of T-Shirt Color Separation is now available for e-readers, such as an iPad and computers that can view a PDF format.  The PDF incorporates hyperlinks to download the files and PSD's for each specific Exercise. 

This Week's Print - 9/25/14

Katy Tigers are the BIG team in Texas. With 5 State titles, they are seeking the 6th one and this design is one that we submitted today.  I will update on a shirt when it prints.

This Week's Print - 9/17/14

Here is the actual print from the separations below. Not bad!

This Week's Separation - 9/13/14

The client sends a picture of what they would like to have designed for printing on a shirt.  They would like to have the football players inside the word, "OFFENSE".

Of course,  we spiff up the design a little bit to make it sell better on a shirt.

After approval begins the color separation process into a 6 color print as shown below.

Once the colors are separated in Photoshop Channels, they are placed in Illustrator as a composite with the legend and registration marks, then printed to film.

When the design prints on a shirt, I will throw a photo here:

Much thanks to Terry Combs and Aaron Montgomery for inviting me as a guest on their
podcast show on January 10th.

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