Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Days at Goombay

This was a really great design that I sepped for Flying Fish Ink 
They do some really awesome work.  This design was a great candidate for simulated process separations.

I Usually split the red plate for a little more control for the printing on the press, but I have an 8 color limit on this one.

First, the white/discharge base.

Second is the red for solids and mixing. I eased back on the mixing to compensate the strength of the red pigment on the press.

Then the yellow plate. You can already see how the colors start to bring the design together.

Next is green.  Sometimes I mix the green with yellow and a blue in the cyan range, but this blue was more of a red shade and so I created a solid green plate.

Next is the blue.

Next is the based down simulated process black.  Yes,  even on a black shirt,  I would print a black to mix the shades of brown, rusts and shadows.  Since the design is going on color shirts other than black or navy, I will split the solids from the mixing color.

The solid black will have some halftone to darken some of the shaded areas. Some printers will print this before the flash, and the highlight white after the flash. Others will print visa versa. 

The highlight white is sometimes printed after the based black, right before the flash.  I did not demonstrate it this way,  so I could show the splits next to each other.  This brings out the whites and adds dimension an smooths out and blends with some of the colors.

Now, we have a simulated process desig!

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