Saturday, March 24, 2012

Use Your Arsenal of Clippings to Build a design

I am an illustrator and a graphic artist.  This is where applying graphics to the illustrator in me, helps to make a design made quickly look good!

I had a request to copy this image for some fans on a t-shirt design.  Of course I could not do that, but I could do something similar.

I only had a couple of hours to do this, so I pull images out of my arsenal of clip art.

First I had to look for a bull.  Something non-organic, but realistic.  I have a few and chose the one that I think will work the best.

Beginning with masking,  mirroring, warping into shape and curving the horn, then burning and dodging to give it contrast and dimension, I finally come up with a bull's head that I can use.

Next I grab a Texas flag, manipulate it and paste it into the image.

I then add a football texture and paste this in as well.

Hhhmmm. . .   Needs something else.   I know!  It needs some football laces.  So,  I grab a football, mask off the laces and warp it to fit the image.

Add type and get approval. . .

. . .  After the approval, I separate the colours for screen printing and Ba-Bam! 

 You have a T-shirt design!


  1. I'm loving your process posts Mitch! Thanks for these!

    1. Thank you, Jason. My objective is to share my knowledge in a field of art that is not taught in school, but acquired through experiences. Hopefully, these posts help those who are interested. Your response to my post is a great reward!